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The Gradient Boost is a community driven marketplace upskilling and matching talent to opportunities, offering live courses created and led by instructors working in tech companies around Africa

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Live Classes
All courses are live, ensuring you get direct feedback from your instructors to cement your understanding
Cohort Based

Learn in small group live sessions for high-engagement, and practical peer-to-peer learning, guided by an experienced mentor
Get access to a community of technical talent across the continent, enabling you to book mock interviews, create study groups and get matched to opportunities

Our Courses

How it works

Courses are on our platform cover practical topics on Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Database Management, Software Engineering, MLOps/DevOps, No-code tools, Product Management, and more by professionals working in companies across Africa based on skills they find most valuable in their respective jobs. Pick and choose from the courses offered by instructors on our platform, with prices starting as low as $10


Some of the companies on our platform:

“The Gradient Boost has contributed to 80% of all I know about data science, my friend Mangut who is also a student there talks about how the next best thing after oxygen is The Gradient Boost. I think you guys are giving out the best in terms of ensuring students acquire the necessary skills"
Ritmwa Bewarang - Former Student (Intro to DS) Database Developer & Analyst @SpacePen
"The Gradient Boost is pioneering a great path"
Jikmyan Mangut - Former Student (Intro to DS)
"There is something unique about The Gradient Boost I love so very much, her wonderful leadership team and quality build up of her students. Beyond the technical skills, communication and presentation skills included in this program makes it super too notch. We love your program and with love from SpacePen Technologies team”
Emmanuel Daniyan - Co-Founder & CTO @SpacePen
"The Gradient Boost are truly doing the best for aspiring Data Scientists"
Zaheeda Duduzile Tshankie - Former Instructor, Data Scientist and Tech Entrepreneur

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We intelligently match companies to senior and junior technical talent on our platform curated for both technical and soft skills. Access verified candidate profiles, including recorded presentations of projects candidates have worked on to better gauge their presentation and problem solving skills.
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